Window Blinds & Shades

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Vertical Blinds

If you have a wide window expanse or a sliding door, then vertical blinds, SmartDrapes, or Averte are ideal for you. Discover Interiors’ vertical blinds allow you to have light control and great privacy and are easy to control.

You can draw them completely open from one side to expose the full window view. Our vertical blind collection includes a wide variety of textures and finishes to complement your home in style. Get in touch with us to schedule a FREE measurement.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are a suitable option for all windows as they can match any décor and are sized or custom cut to fit most standard windows available in your home. Horizontal blinds are available in a variety of size and materials.

This popular blind type gives you a custom look with the choice of maximum privacy when all slats are closed. Visit Discover Interiors and schedule a FREE measurement.



Hardwood Blinds

Add richness and warmth to your room by choosing hardwood blinds. They’re perfect for every window, especially in your kitchens and bathrooms. You are assured that Discover Interior’s hardwood blinds will last in hot and humid conditions.

Offering more than a mere function, these blinds promise to be a focal point that can add style and impact to your home. Visit us to schedule a FREE measurement.

Faux Wood Blinds

You will be happy to know that Discover Interiors faux wood blind slats are warp resistant and, in fact, they’re great in almost any environment or windows with direct sun. To get the attractiveness of real wood blinds at a reasonable price, choose faux wood blinds.

You are guaranteed that they can last for decades and they are easy to decorate around. Visit us and schedule a FREE measurement.


Designer shades That Suits The Way You Live.

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Find an Extensive Line of Shades

Get the best shade services at Discover Interior. You get a variety of shades that provide UV protection, which helps from the harmful effects of sunlight.


Personalized shade Services

Our store is designer-owned and we offer FREE consultations and measure appointments. You can also customize and personalize shades of your choice. Visit us now for a complimentary design consultation and measure.

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